What is SEO?

You know, one of the world’s largest Search Engine Google’s something.The results for the millions they give you an Enter Search Term.We think if we do something like a website Mobile Phones.On, so this site you write a letter about the Apple iPhone 7,
You want Apple iPhone 7 is the first page of Google’s Search Keyword together Make your website, including, But also around the world on your website, the websites Millions have been described. Did it say that in case your site Pæmiṇēvida home? Definitely not. In such a case you your Web site have to do SEO. Search Engine Optimization activity over time.If you can just engage in the first page of search engines to come.

What are the advantages of SEO?

You know, we do a website or blog. People (traffic) Or if readers come to our site, But the real story is not getting the traffic that what ordinary. it For various practical ways and we have to be very hard. The advantage of the Search Engine Optimization traffic without any special labor Returns. That comes from the Organic Traffic (Search Engine) a Keyword and type in any one site visit.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and  SEO Advantages
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO Advantages

For example, Apple iPhone 7 is Google’s Keyword one Just how much traffic a website that exists on the first page coming Do you imagine,

So there are some good for first place in the Keyword Search Engine If the day tens of thousands of people come to your website. So that Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing money from such schemes Earnings very easy. As a result, the world’s Web sites and blogs. The owners are keen to do this is Search Engine Optimization. Some The big money for them when they spend. For the Search Engine Optimization Because of the benefits, so the results contribute. 

How to SEO?

You need to do this for your first website or blog Keywords site to find the best fit. This we known drawback of SEO Keyword Research as. After you have chosen the best Keywords for Search Engine in a high place on your website and then sent to There are many activities to be carried out. We are in the On-Site SEO Methods (activities carried out on the website) and Off-Site SEO Methods (activities outside the site) have been produced.